The Adventures of Meghan and Wrigley (part 1)

This morning after Wrigley and I slept in I decided that I needed coffee. Since I have no means of making coffee, and I didn't feel like driving anywhere, we took a walk. What happened next was spur of the moment and one of the best decisions I've made since coming here. Once I got to the cross street where I knew I could get coffee I noticed a lot of people going towards the trees....I followed them to see what was down there and realized there are hiking trails. So, down we went. Getting down to the trails was a bit rocky (literally) but it was definitely worth it. We walked around on the trails and on the rocks and went down by the water, which was crystal clear and amazing! We met a few other dogs and said hi to a lot of people. We were on our first adventure together! Next time I am wearing socks, better shoes, and deodorant. Oh, and bringing water. And probably snacks and a book. I think I'll spend a couple of hours on a rock next time. Wrigley even got brave and went into the water a little bit!

Here are some pictures from our day!

When we got home we sat out on the deck and I read and he just watched the trees and the birds. I came to town a little while ago and got to have a video chat date with my parents and Matthew. It has been a lovely Sunday when I am missing them all something fierce.


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