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Vacation Rebound

On Monday night my  husband and I returned from the most amazing vacation of our lives to date. We spent four beautiful days in Austin, Texas soaking up the city life and bonding with my cousins.

Typically when we come back from a vacation it takes me days to recover and feel "normal" again. I am always so sad to be back home (more so when family is involved!). I stay quiet, I don't have much of an appetite, I just want to sleep, and I get crazy ideas (like moving!). I am so happy that this rebound was much quicker than ant I've ever in my life, I think. On Tuesday I was full of anxiety and could barely get through my work day. When I got home to my extremely messy home I didn't even have the energy to unpack and do the laundry that was waiting for me. This is so unlike me as the first thing I typically do is unpack. If it was one night way or ten, I hate having my suitcases laying out full of stuff. I did what I could to ease a bit of my anxiety and spent the re…

Fourty Days Come and Gone

With Easter being two days ago I thought I would update how my 40 days of Lent went. First of all I had a wonderful Easter with my parents, sister, and my husband. It was the first Easter that we didn't get together with extended family OR have to drive 3 hours back to Aberdeen after eating a huge Easter meal and wanting to take a nap! It was a very laid back Easter with beautiful weather that aloud us to spend the afternoon outside. My parents, husband and I went to church on Easter morning. I have always enjoyed Easter mass because of the extra energy it seems to bring with it. Everyone is always cheerful and wearing such bright spring colors. We always get to church about 20 minutes early so we can get "our" pew and to listen to the music. As the church started to fill up I felt myself becoming mildly panicked. I tried not to focus on the fact that people were closing in around me and just listened to the music and prayed that I wouldn't have to scoot any closer t…