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I'm tired, exhausted really, to my very core. Every emotion that I feel is real and it's raw and it's hard to process. By the time I am able to process what may have triggered or caused me to feel that way, I am on to the next emotion.
I’m tired of trying to do it all, knowing I can’t do it all, but being unable to stop trying to do it all. This has been a struggle for me since the day Theo entered this world. The media (social and otherwise) is so good at plastering all of these "amazing mom" articles and pictures everywhere, making it LOOK easy. It's not easy, and those people they are talking about are rich and have paid people helping them.
I’m tired of not knowing what I need when someone says “How can I help?” OR maybe more accurately, being too stubborn to allow them to help.
I’m tired of knowing I am on a never-ending quest for perfectionism and appreciation and self-worth and value. And guess whose idea of perfection I am striving for? My own. My own …