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Oh I'm Halfway There..

Hello readers! I am coming to you from Stillwater Oklahoma!! While our original road trip plan involved an overnight stay in Enid Oklahoma the bad weather kept us east of OKC and landed us here in Stillwater. We got a bit excited about all of the bad weather that was headed south for the day and re routed several times and got lost ZERO!

We went to bed around 10:30 last night and I fell asleep with my husband's arms around me and Wrigley curled up by my stomach. I woke up several times due to the neighbors, weird dreams, and being afraid of oversleeping my alarm clock. I finally rolled out of bed around 6:15, took a shower with Matthew, and finished packing up what needed to go into the car. We hit the road at 7:22 am. I wasn't even out of our parking lot when I realized I had forgotten the dog dishes at home, as well as the key to our lock box that is hidden away in my truck. We stopped around 9:30 for a bathroom break, which resulted in Wrigley trying to chase down a Husky w…

All I Want For Christmas {part 2}

Last year on the Friday afternoon before Christmas I was laying in my bed moping because the place I had a job interview at the previous week said they would be in contact at the beginning of the week hadn't called. I was waiting for Matthew to get home and my phone rang around 4:30. It was the call I had been waiting for and it was a job offer. I of course accepted and said I could start after the new year. I immediately called my parents and told them (even before telling my husband...that habit was hard to break!). We were planning to have friends over that evening for some scary Christmas movies so the call came at the right time to celebrate. It didn't really set in that I had finally gotten a job offer after eight months....and the (almost 12) months I worked there were just as long as the eight I had been waiting..

This year I got the phone call I had been waiting weeks for the weekend (Friday at 4:30...) before Thanksgiving. I had been pretty miserable at work the past…

Midnight Anxieties

I very rarely have problems sleeping at night. I'm typically out cold in a matter of minuets and sleep until my alarm clock wakes me. But sometimes anxiety drowns me and I can't sleep more than a few hours.  There's typically an underlying issue I can pinpoint the insomnia to, which is both good and bad.

I'm currently laying on the couch with Wrigley while my mind spins and twists and turns after laying awake in bed for an hour.  It's also not very often that I actually come to the couch when I have theses bouts, but it's early and my husband had this problem last night so I am letting him get a good night's sleep.

Right now my brain is my worst enemy. My brain is scaring the shit out of me. My husband and I decided at least 6 months ago that we wanted to eventually move to Austin , Texas. Thst dream is becoming a reality. In 10 days I will pack my car and with my mother and Wrigley as my navigators,  passangers, and Co pilots I will drive from Sioux Falls …


I absolutely love Christmas.  I always have. I love everything about it. The music, the trees, lights, decorations, and the fact that everyone seems generally happier. I used to turn my Christmas tree on, put on Christmas music and lay there for hours relaxing. I love buying presents for my friends and family members, and I would be lying if I didn't sy I loved opening gifts too!

Enter anxiety.  The older I get the more anxiety the holidays seem to bring me. My anxiety levels rise and try to ruin the joy that I surround myself with from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I start to worry about what the plans are with family, what to buy people, making my own Christmas list, and Christmas day in general. It's all trivial, for the most part. Like what time is church, what are we eating and when, what time do we get to open presents, things that don't even matter! Anxiety tries like hell to ruin my holiday spirit but u refuse to let it. This year I was proactive in trying to beat thi…