All I Want For Christmas {part 2}

Last year on the Friday afternoon before Christmas I was laying in my bed moping because the place I had a job interview at the previous week said they would be in contact at the beginning of the week hadn't called. I was waiting for Matthew to get home and my phone rang around 4:30. It was the call I had been waiting for and it was a job offer. I of course accepted and said I could start after the new year. I immediately called my parents and told them (even before telling my husband...that habit was hard to break!). We were planning to have friends over that evening for some scary Christmas movies so the call came at the right time to celebrate. It didn't really set in that I had finally gotten a job offer after eight months....and the (almost 12) months I worked there were just as long as the eight I had been waiting..

This year I got the phone call I had been waiting weeks for the weekend (Friday at 4:30...) before Thanksgiving. I had been pretty miserable at work the past few months and was hoping and praying for something to go my way and a new job to bring me new hope. I got what I had been praying for at the right time. A new opportunity had presented itself and I wasn't about to say no. The job offer came from Austin Texas. After several phone calls, emails, paperwork, and background checks it was decided that I would move to Austin the week after Christmas to finish up paperwork and start the first week of January, after the new year. I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I gave my notice at work and a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I wasn't happy at that job and it wasn't the job itself that made me unhappy. It was my supervisor who had no supervisory experience, my co workers who would do anything they could go push their jobs on someone else and use every excuse in the book to not help out, my program director who never check in on his employees or followed up with concerns. I was just miserable. I needed an out and I got it just in the nick of time.

The past two weeks have been spent packing what I will need to live a month without my husband. Christmas shopping and wrapping presents. Planning our holiday events. Getting rid of things that we don't need or never even knew we had. Snuggling and spending all of our time together. Talking about or new life and our new adventure. Missing each other even though I haven't even left. And trying to get together with friends that we thought would miss us, only to be let down and only getting together with the one or two who really mattered. I spent an entire afternoon with my best friend and it felt like an hour instead of six. It was then I realized that I wasn't leaving much behind. My family and one or two really good friends. It's made the thought of moving 1,000 miles away and not knowing when I'll be back much easier to handle. It's reassured me that we mad a solid decision in how to go forward with the next chapter in our lives. It's made me so excited to get there that I don't even know if I'm excited or scared anymore.

So, here we are the day before I pack up my car and drive that 1,000 miles with my mom and Wrigley as my co pilot.  I slept in and snuggled with Matthew and Wrigley longer than we planned. I packed more than I thought I would, I threw away so many things that didn't matter to me anymore, I helped my husband pack household things he wouldn't need. I reassured him that I would have what I need to be comfortable as he continued to find things he thought I just couldn't live without. I have a best friend, a husband, and a number one fan all in the same human body. He doesn't care about how he will handle the next month or more without me here. He cares about me being comfortable in a new environment and having everything possible to keep me busy, occupied, and happy. And I'm worried about him being able to survive without me for a month or more! (I even asked him if he knew how to do the laundry, grocery shop, cook more than 3 things....he's had me around for so long I had to make sure he hadn't forgotten!). The fact that we are both more worried about each other than we are ourselves makes me realize yet again, how perfect our life is together.

I'm extremely overwhelmed. I am happy I am excited. I am sad. I am anxious. I am scared. I am nervous. I am ready. Ready to start this new chapter of our great big new adventure. I am ready to help those families in Austin that need me. I am excited to feel rewarded, needed, and appreciated. I am nervous to learn new policies, procedures, and job tasks. I am excited to be doing something new! I am anxious from my head to my toe about everything from packing my car to parking my car in Austin. I am ready. I am strong. I WILL BE OKAY!


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