Oh I'm Halfway There..

Hello readers! I am coming to you from Stillwater Oklahoma!! While our original road trip plan involved an overnight stay in Enid Oklahoma the bad weather kept us east of OKC and landed us here in Stillwater. We got a bit excited about all of the bad weather that was headed south for the day and re routed several times and got lost ZERO!

We went to bed around 10:30 last night and I fell asleep with my husband's arms around me and Wrigley curled up by my stomach. I woke up several times due to the neighbors, weird dreams, and being afraid of oversleeping my alarm clock. I finally rolled out of bed around 6:15, took a shower with Matthew, and finished packing up what needed to go into the car. We hit the road at 7:22 am. I wasn't even out of our parking lot when I realized I had forgotten the dog dishes at home, as well as the key to our lock box that is hidden away in my truck. We stopped around 9:30 for a bathroom break, which resulted in Wrigley trying to chase down a Husky with a turd hanging out of his butt and me trying to sneak him in the bathroom to clean him up. We were in Iowa somewhere and it was super cold and windy. This is where we got our first "re route" mapped. It's also where we witnessed two country bumpkins get into what appeared to be a domestic dispute before we sped out of there and hit the road. We made another stop for gas and lunch, and one for the bathroom before hitting our final destination.

Wrigley has never been on a trip that long (I think 9 hours is his longest) and he did so well. He spent most of the trip snoozing on my lap and when he wasn't doing that he was chewing on his bone or looking out the window trying to figure out where the hell we were going. I don't think he has a clue. I do think he is looking for Matthew now that we are settled in for the night, though. I had zero anxiety or fears when saying my goodbyes to my dad and Matthew, or driving down the road, or making different plans several times, or canceling one hotel room to get another. I was cool as a cucumber. Now that I am 600ish miles away I am finding out that I'm not as brave as I thought it was. I'm anxious about this change. I have anxiety and I want to do nothing more than curl up in a ball and cry. But I won't because I know I am strong. When I texted Matthew that his response made me smile and that was all the re assurance I needed in the moment. It didn't take away my anxiety but it sure helped.

For tonight I am settled into bed at the Fairfield in with my mom in the bed next to me. Lifetime is on the TV and I have a pup resting on my legs. I'll read my People magazine I snagged from my former employer and if I feel like it read my book. I'll go to sleep missing my husband and talking myself into being braver than I feel.

Goodnight from Oklahoma.


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