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Compassion [Fatigue]

What is Compassion Fatigue? Is it real? Or is it some made up condition? I had a rough week last week where I was so emotionally dis regulated from running a gamut of up and down emotions. The good news is I was able to shake it off and enjoy my weekend full of activities. On Monday it all came to head and I was angry, tired, and realized I had a case of the "fuck its." I was sitting in my car before a meeting, listening to some music, and realized that I just simply do not care anymore. I don't have any shits to give about anyone, myself included. I started recounting the past few weeks of life and that is when Compassion Fatigue came to mind. I was exhausted/fatigued, and I didn't care. Surely I wasn't crazy for thinking this was a thing, was I? So, I did what normal people do and I took to Google. Here is what I found.

"Studies confirm that caregivers play host to a high level of compassion fatigue. Day in, day out, workers struggle to function in care …

A Safe Place To Grow

I just got done reading yesterday's devotion in my neat little book that I seem to take so much comfort in but still struggle to remember to read daily. This week's theme is "your growth matters" and the title of the devotion was A Safe Place To Grow. Fitting for me and my current place in life. It talks about how a greenhouse is a safe haven for a plant to grow. It goes on to say that as one pursues a life that matters it is important to have a safe place to grow. A place where you can avoid elements that stunt your growth. A place where it is safe to make mistakes and try again. Be who you are, good, bad, or ugly. Where your roots can find healthy soil and be fed, watered, and nurtured. Direct access to the light of life. Somewhere in which you are able to plant your roots and flourish in a life that is meaningful and purposeful to YOU.

As I sit outside soaking up the partly cloudy sky and warm temperature; taking a much needed mental break from the day I am reflec…