Vacation Rebound

On Monday night my  husband and I returned from the most amazing vacation of our lives to date. We spent four beautiful days in Austin, Texas soaking up the city life and bonding with my cousins.

Typically when we come back from a vacation it takes me days to recover and feel "normal" again. I am always so sad to be back home (more so when family is involved!). I stay quiet, I don't have much of an appetite, I just want to sleep, and I get crazy ideas (like moving!). I am so happy that this rebound was much quicker than ant I've ever in my life, I think. On Tuesday I was full of anxiety and could barely get through my work day. When I got home to my extremely messy home I didn't even have the energy to unpack and do the laundry that was waiting for me. This is so unlike me as the first thing I typically do is unpack. If it was one night way or ten, I hate having my suitcases laying out full of stuff. I did what I could to ease a bit of my anxiety and spent the rest of the evening watching TV in bed.

Because I knew I wasn't myself on Tuesday I prayed and hoped that I would be back to myself on Wednesday. It worked! By Wednesday I felt like a whole different person. I was happy again. Just overnight that may changes happened in my brain. My appetite was back, the color was back in my face, I was happy to be at work, and I was joking around with my husband. I had a good night of sleep and apparently had some good vibes going through me when I woke up. I was so, so happy to be back to my bubbly self.

This was a huge step for me and my battle with anxiety. I truly hate what happens to me when I return from a trip. The longer the trip and the farther way the worse the recovery and post anxiety. I will be seeing my family again in June for a wedding and I hope and pray that my recovery after that weekend is as smooth as this one. (Yes, I am already worried about what will happen in 2 months...)

Cheers to a quick rebound!


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