Fourty Days Come and Gone

With Easter being two days ago I thought I would update how my 40 days of Lent went. First of all I had a wonderful Easter with my parents, sister, and my husband. It was the first Easter that we didn't get together with extended family OR have to drive 3 hours back to Aberdeen after eating a huge Easter meal and wanting to take a nap! It was a very laid back Easter with beautiful weather that aloud us to spend the afternoon outside. My parents, husband and I went to church on Easter morning. I have always enjoyed Easter mass because of the extra energy it seems to bring with it. Everyone is always cheerful and wearing such bright spring colors. We always get to church about 20 minutes early so we can get "our" pew and to listen to the music. As the church started to fill up I felt myself becoming mildly panicked. I tried not to focus on the fact that people were closing in around me and just listened to the music and prayed that I wouldn't have to scoot any closer to my mom or husband on either side of me. I need some space when there's a lot of up and down action! Anyways, once mass started I was fine. And very thankful that I was fine because there would've been no way for me escape since I was sitting in the middle of the pew! I left mass feeling energized and renewed. I soaked up every word of the sermon and really related to it well. When I got home I took a short cat nap and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon with the family!

So...with Lent being over here is my update. Except for last week I did WONDERFUL at sending mail to my friends! I did not have to repeat anyone on my list because I thought of enough people to send one thing to. While I only sent cards, not any small gifts, I feel like I was very successful in making my friends smile. While I sent Birthday cards, St. Patty's day cards, random funny/friend cards, I also sent two thank you cards. Matthew and I went out to the Black Hills over St. Patty's day weekend and were treated very well by people we had never met. While South Dakota has a lot of wonderfully nice people, not many are accepted of strangers and so giving the first time they've met them. Last week I had good intentions of getting one or two Easter cards out but I never got it done. Instead I am sending a card today and will get another Birthday card out today or tomorrow! I feel like this is something that may turn into a habit. While it made me feel so good to get text messages saying "Thanks for the card!" I am hoping it made the receiver of the card feel even better. I strive to make people happy and have come to realize that it really doesn't take any extra time or effort to do a little something extra. While getting a bunch of mail back isn't my objective, I do hope that sending out good vibes to others will come back to bless me.

I hope everyone had a Blessed and Happy Easter! I am heading out to Austin Texas on Thursday so prayers for a anxiety free trip would be appreciated!


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