About six weeks ago I got a new tattoo. I got two new tattoos at the same time, actually. I'm sure by now everyone has heard the buzz about the Semicolon project. If not, I suggest you Google it and do some reading. There are some amazing stories out there about this.

When I first heard about it was on June 20th. I was in Sioux City for a wedding and we were exploring the new Hard Rock Casino. A friend of mine posted a blog post by the girl who started this project. I read it quickly thinking "wow, that's really cool!" I was busy and forgot about it. The next week when I was back into my routine I decided to read the blog again and do some research. I immediately knew I needed to get this tattoo.

So I did. I had been wanting another small tattoo for awhile so I decided after work one Friday afternoon to go and do it. I went alone and didn't even tell my husband (he knew I wanted to eventually get them). I got my semicolon tattoo over a scar on my wrist. The scar is from the night I tried to end my life. I used a lighter to burn myself. I can still see that scar that nobody else knows exists, but I also see the semicolon, reminding me that it is not the end until God says so.

What a great symbol for mental health awareness. I wish more people would ask me about my tattoo, them feeling uncomfortable is part of the reason for the stigma against mental health. I used to be ashamed of my anxiety disorder and thought there was something wrong with me for feeling the way I feel. I don't remember when I stopped feeling that way, but boy does it lift a huge weight off of your shoulders to be open about it.

It's okay to not be okay. It's not okay to give up.


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