Official [Job Offer]

What some people don't know about my move to Austin is that I took a HUGE leap of faith and came down here without an official job offer. I had my contingent offer but needed to do a drug screen and fingerprinting, both of which had to be done in the city. I was not afraid of not passing either of these, but it is still a risk. My plan was to come one week, complete those screens, and start the following. I didn't take the holiday into consideration and those two things took a week to get back instead of two days. Not the end of the world by any means, just had me anxiously awaiting a phone call! I got my official job offer yesterday at 4:30 in the afternoon (these people are not good with timing phone calls!!). I am excited to share that I will be starting my new position on Monday, January 11. I was hoping to start at the end of this week and get a day or two in before going in full force. When I was on the phone and she asked me what day I wanted to start I thought about it for a second, realized that if I would've said a day this week I would've been so anxious it wouldn't have been worth it. So, Monday it is! Like I posted earlier, new beginnings are given to us each Monday. Today I will be going to meet my boss and introduce myself and tomorrow I will be doing new hire paperwork. Things to keep me busy yet give me time to get some last minuet relaxation in. Horrah for things all falling into place!

 I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights so I am hoping having a normal routine again will help that. I seem to wake up at the same times each night, and I honestly think part of it is me subconsciously looking for Matthew. I miss Matthew so much my heart hurts. I can keep myself as busy or lazy as I want and he's always on my mind. I can drive by any place and something about it reminds me of him. I know going out and exploring and finding things for us to do when he gets here would make sense to most, but I can't do that [at least to an extent]. Matthew LOVES seeing my reaction to things, especially new things, so much that I can't deny him of that just because he is lagging behind a bit (hehe!). Of course there are going to be things I will do without him, but nothing that I know he would want to be there for. That doesn't mean I am going to mope around and do absolutely nothing until he gets here, but I will try to do things that I know he won't be sad about missing for the first time. I mean, I've already had some bomb ass tacos, had an amazing movie theater experience, memorized the closest Target store layout, had the best ice cream of my life, found our new home, and scoped out the biggest record store in the area. Oh! AND I know how to get to my new office without any help after only doing it twice! I also had a panic attack in a strange grocery store, had to settle for Starbucks because I couldn't find a local place within the area I know how to get to without a GPS, failed at the ATM (twice), realized that pre paying for gas and guessing how much I need is not something I am good at, struck out on 3 out of 3 moving companies I contacted in less than an hour, have a puppy who is so confused he can't sit still, and many other thing.

So, needless to say this has been about a 50/50 experience for me which was to be expected, but I am hopeful. Hopeful that Matthew will be here sooner rather than later, that routine will snap me back into my old self, Wrigley will settle in (and then I'll move him again...), that I'll be able to get some quality sleep at night (soon!), I'll learn how to get to and from more places without GPS assistance, and I'll continue to love this (new) experience as much as I have already with as little anxiety as possible going forward.


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