Spyglass Drive

Well Wrigley and I have spent two nights in our new home. Just me and him. I'd say all in all it has been an success. It's a bit awkward not having any furniture and I feel terrible for Wrigley having to be yanked out of so many surroundings and thrown into something new. I know he has spent a lot of time making circles in the living room looking for someone else, or his friend Henry! I spent this morning unpacking my clothes (until I ran out of hangers) and trying to make it as homey as possible to convince him that this is our permanent home, we aren't uprooting again!

If you saw pictures of not only our front and back door views, but of the actual complex you would not imagine that we live in such a big city. The place is surrounded by woods behind us and there are so many old trees that accompany the walking paths that go around the entire property. There is a sand volleyball court and outdoor work out equipment. The pool area is amazing and Wrigley will come to love the Bark Park. Suffice it to say, I made a good choice.

This transition has not come without tears. The first night I got everything out of my car, got Wrigley settled down, put some pizza rolls in the oven, and then sat down and the waterworks were flowing. I cried and I cried, and I cried some more. I don't even know what I was crying about, except for that the stress was above what I could handle. And other stupid things like, hanging up the shower curtain and the tension rod fell on my head. I didn't sleep at all that night. Wrigley and I both woke up to every little new sound. I was so frustrated that I didn't even blow up the air matters I am borrowing, I just made a floor bed and called it good.

Today I have taken Wrigley for about 3 walks around the buildings and noticed that there are many young folks and most, if not all, have dogs! I sure hope we can make some friends here! I also watched a few episodes of Homeland and took a nap. Wow, I don't remember the last time I took a nap. I am currently camped out (OUTSIDE IN MY SHORT SLEEVES AND FLIP FLOPS!!) at a Starbucks using their internet and exploring my surroundings. I even got sucked into buying Girl Scout Cookies (but hey, I deserve them!). My next order of business is going to be a pharmacy (wow, I sound old), and then probably a bar for a Lone Star (my new favorite brew) before going home for the night...to do some more Homeland binge watching.

I can't decide if this disconnection from the world is good or bad for me and my introvert tendencies and anxiety or if it is good for me to unwind, relax, and keep my brain clear. Having to find somewhere to use internet kind of forces me to at least get out of the house even if I sit alone and people watch. At least I am not inside of the walls of our empty apartment. And if I have the energy to actually leave and not mope then I think it's good for me. (see:daily brain wars of Meghan) When the moving truck arrives on Thursday I will have plenty of things to do to keep myself busy in the evenings.

I hope I am over the worst slump I've been in since leaving, but per usual I won't get my hopes up. I will keep my guard up and try to be pro active rather than re active. It's a new accomplishment for me to be able to recognize my decline before I hit the bottom so it's something to keep in the front of my mind and keep working on.

As for now, I am going to finish doing some online shopping, continue to explore, and then go home to my very confused puppy!

OH! If anyone wants to send me mail (I love mail!) I would love to give you my address. I also love to send mail, so if I have your address (I sadly lost all of the ones I did have..) you can expect return mail, or a surprise!


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