Today is Christmas Eve, one of my most favorite days of the year! I have ALWAYS loved Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve and Christmas are two days of the year where I am HAPPY, no matter what is going on in my heart, mind, life, etc. I can push it aside for these two days and be happy and take in all of the goodness that Christmas is. Christmas Eve Mass is always a top 5 favorite. Between the Christmas carols, the energy, and all of the cute kinds in their Christmas dresses, I've always enjoyed it. Not only do I leave with the peace of Christmas, I remember WHY we are celebrating these two days and WHY we are even here! 

My Christmas wish from my previous post came early. Last Friday at 4:00 pm I was laying in bed, feeling sorry for myself and trying to avoid life. My phone rang and it was a number I was not familiar with. Usually when I get an unknown number I do not answer, and if it is actually a real person I return their message. Well, I thought "what the hell" and answered the phone. It was a job offer. The one I had been waiting for ALL WEEK! It came, on 4:00 PM on the Friday afternoon before Christmas week. I was pretty shocked, as it was so late in the day, and because they told me it would be early in the week when they got back to me I had nearly given up hope. Of course I accepted the preliminary job offer (they have to run a background check on me!). I was so excited to call my parents and tell them, because they had no idea I even had any recent interviews/prospects. While this was exciting and a huge weight off of our shoulders, I still wasn't 100% "cheery". Yesterday I received my "intent to employ" letter and things became a little more real for me. The job offer did give me some peace of mind and heart, but along with this will come new anxietys that I am trying to prepare myself for. Perhaps I will be lucky and make this transition with few issues/meltdowns/second guesses. That is my hope!

Last night Matthew and I opened our Christmas presents from each other. While I got hime many of his "favorites" from his childhood (movies, CDs, etc), he got me a slew of make up and hair tools, two seasons of my new favorite MIKE AND MOLLY, and a new Wii Dance game (I don't care if I'm 28, they are fun!). I'd say we treated each other well without going overboard like we tend to usually do! I'm not sure when I turned into such a girly girl that got excited over make-up, but I am so happy that he lets me go with it and even spoils me with new products for me to try. I think it makes him happy to see me take an interest in something (besides books!) He is currently going to the library to pick up two more books for me as I type this. He sure is a keeper! 

This afternoon we will head to my parent's house to spend Christmas with my family. We have always spend Christmas eve at home with each other and I love it so much! Cheers to Christmas and all of the love, peace, and joy! 


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