Prime Example

I had (in my world) what was a perfect weekend. On Friday I worked from home in the afternoon and got to take a nap when I was done for the day. Matthew and I then sat outside on our deck and watched the rain storm come through while having a drink. After going down the road for a couple of beers, we came back home to listen to music and make dinner. On Saturday I slept in, woke up with a slight headache, and was as productive as one could be with little ambition. We got our new washer and dryer delivered and installed so I was able to take care of the laundry that had piled up since Matthew's return! After lunch and a few rounds of Mario on WiiU (our newest addiction) we took a drive to find Matthew's new office, stopped at Target (of course) and then hit up my (so far) favorite Mexican place before going home for the night. When we got home we played some more Mario and watched some TV before hitting the hay early to prepare for the dreaded daylight savings time. Sunday was the best day. My boys and I went for a morning hike and had coffee before getting ready for a pool day! We laid out at an amazing watering hole that is just down the road from us! I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to lay outside, tan, and even get IN the water on March 13th. I have a feeling we will be going there often! The rest of the evening involved more Mario (yeah...I know), pizza for dinner, and a great movie before calling it a day.

That's when my perfect weekend went downhill, and fast. This is what I hate the absolute most about my anxiety. It creeps up on me out of nowhere and ruins so many wonderful things. I ended my amazing day in the middle of my living room floor at 2:30 am trying to calm down from an anxiety attack. What started it? Good question. I have no idea. The only thing that I can legitimately point it to is not being able to sleep. Not being able to sleep has, in the past, lead to bouts of major anxiety. I was so pissed off that it had to hit me like that in the middle of a Sunday night. I probably only got about four hours of sleep on Sunday night and paid for it all day on Monday. My mind wouldn't stop racing, my heart was pounding, and I constantly felt like someone was out to get me. That is no way to go about a Monday. I couldn't focus, and I just really struggled to make it through the day in one piece. Once I got home and did a few things like start supper, I felt better and was able to enjoy my Monday night. I slept much better last night and so Tuesday is a 100% mood improvement. Thank God.

That is one prime example of how quickly anxiety can set it. Out of nowhere. For no good reason. I am just thankful that I was able to kick it right back out as quickly as I was.


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