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I have been working very hard for the last week to make my house feel like a home. The moving company arrived (finally!) on Sunday morning last week. Between them unloading and me unpacking it was a good 10 hour day. It was exhausting and even though I got a good share of things put away it still felt like I barely made a dent. I can say that it was so amazing to be able to sleep in my own bed again. It was probably the best night of sleep I had since leaving South Dakota. On Monday I got home from work around 5pm and didn't stop working until after 9:30. I collapsed into my bed purely exhausted.
Because our home in Austin is a little over half the size of our place in Sioux Falls I have spent a good amount of time worrying about where we were going to put everything. Turns out that we got rid of a lot more stuff than I realized, and our place has more storage than it seems. I already took five boxes and one bag of stuff to Goodwill. It makes me feel good to get rid of things I know I don't need, especially books, clothes, etc that I can replace someday if I want to. The unpacking process is not done yet but it is near completion. Some things I am waiting to decide on until Matthew....WHO WILL BE HERE IN 3 WEEKS is here.

Matthew was offered a job with the American Heart Association in Austin and will be their new Corporate Marketing Director. I am so proud of him and it makes me so happy to hear him be excited about work again. He has been with the BSA for the better part of 10 years and is ready to get his feet wet elsewhere. I cannot wait for him to get here. I have so many amazing places to take him and things to show him!

I have a whole new respect and amount of empathy for people who live apart from their spouses due to military or other jobs. By the time Matthew gets here in March will have been apart for over 10 weeks, which is longer than two months. Which is a lot when the longest we've been apart before is probably 10 or 12 days at a time. While I feel like it is impossible for it to have already been that long I also feel like it has been much longer just because of everything that has happened since I left.

A long distance marriage was never on my bucket list but if we can survive this with minimal "drama" (for lack of a better term), then I honestly believe we can get through anything life throws at us. In the two and a half years of being engaged/married we have been through a huge percentage of the trials that some married folks never survive. We have gone through family drama, a move, new jobs, unemployment, huge blow outs during our wedding planning, a cross country move and living apart. That really is a lot for a young couple who are newly weds. And lets not forget the amount of anxiety that has come with ALL of those things. And the days that I couldn't do anything more than get out of bed. All of these things had made us stronger and have solidified any tiny bit of doubt I may have had about getting married. We will survive!

Today is Valentine's Day, and since Matthew and I rarely have Valentine's Days together it's not such a big deal to be apart from him. Although this is the farthest apart we have ever been for Valentine's Day. I plan to do something for myself today since we decided to not get each other anything.



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