Turn Turn Turn...

I keep hoping that something exciting or uplifting will happen in my life for me to blog about after the past few downer posts. Unfortunately things have not taken a drastic turn for me just yet. I am still trucking along feeling like something is missing in my life. While I have gotten closer to figuring out what that something is, I basically still have the same feelings of being sad for no reason and more anxious than usual.

My husband and I were SO excited to move to Sioux Falls last spring. We don't hate it here at all, but for the first time (probably ever) we are on the same page about what we need to do for US. We both have had the same realizations about how things are going and are aware of what we need to do to make some changes. We haven't made any big life changing decisions, but we have been talking about a plan to do so. We both realize that while we are happy with each other, our marriage, living in Sioux Falls, we aren't as happy as we deserve to be. We are young and we spend our evenings at home together talking about what we "should do" "wish we could do" "want to do" ect. Well, it's time to start actually DOING.

We both have some big things coming up in our lives that could start the process of change for us. For the first time we don't even have to argue about what we think the next big move for us should be. When I met Matthew and started to get serious with him he always had these dreams of wanting to move to a bigger city where the life there was fast paced and amazing. I doubted his ability to take me away from "home" and make me happy. I don't doubt that anymore. I am thirsty for me out of life, and I know it won't happen here.

I'm still hoping to wake up one day and these feelings of not feeling like myself will be gone, but for now I am fighting the good fight and doing the best I can to stay sane and enjoy life!

I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met | The most beautiful parts of life are still unfolding


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