(My) Companion

As I am writing this entry tonight I have an 8 week old puppy on my lap trying to help me type. That's right...Matthew and I are parents to a 2 pound, 8 week old Yorkie that we call Wrigley! He is the most adorable thing in the whole entire world. Everyone that sees him agrees.

I have noticed an increase in anxiety since I have fully settled into my new routine with work, home, and life. Because I don't want to use medications except for a last resort (meaning, when nothing else seems to work but before I go completely crazy) I have been trying many different things to self soothe. One of my friends sent me the Secret Garden adult coloring book for my birthday a few weeks back. I used to color ALL of the time, except the only materials I had to choose from were, sadly, children's coloring books. I didn't always mind, but they weren't always the right level of stimulation that I was looking for. The few times that I have gotten that coloring book out since I got it in the mail I have completely lost myself in it. The first night I got it out almost 2 hours had passed before I realized it. And my anxiety had vanished!!

I have gotten away from using my sunlight due to the fact that it's so much lighter out in the morning now. I do need to get back to using it though as I can tell my days don't start as well as they were when I was using it on a regular basis.

My most recent natural remedy has been a puppy. When Matthew and I were in Texas I fell in love with my cousin's dog. I had two bad bouts of anxiety while we were there and each time that dog sat on my lap and just let me pet him. He didn't leave my side at all. It was the craziest thing. I knew dogs were good for people and had a great calming effect but I had never actually had that experience with any dog or puppy. When we got home we immediately started looking for one. It took us less than a month to pick one out and bring him home. I never in my life imagined I would fall so in love with something that weighs 2 pounds and can't hold his bladder. It was the most amazing feeling. Wrigley and I had an instant bond, and boy was I glad. I went to see my doctor to get a doctor's note to have a little pup for companionship purposes and explained me four days around a small dog in Texas. He agreed it would be helpful. I can't even explain how much I love the little guy! Whether we are napping together or I am laying on the floor petting him while he sleeps it is the most calming feeling.

Wrigley already has a personality and is settled in quite well with us. He loves his puppy bed, all of his toys, and playing outside in the grass. He has slept through the night since day one, and while he isn't 100% potty trained has made vast improvements since Friday. I am SO in love!

I hope Wrigley continues to be a calming tool for me. I wouldn't trade him for the world!

                                                                    Meet Wrigley!!!


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